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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:57 am

[If you are not a member, you will only see the Rules and Regulations, Announcement, and General categories.]

Welcome to Present Legend! This place is meant for fellow writers and artists
to assist and get to know each other, but before you can do anything on
this site you must adhere to the rules below (by joining this site you
have promised to adhere to them):

- Don't post pornographic content. Exception to this rule is if it's a part of a story or a poem. In the event you choose to include this material in your work, please include a disclaimer within.
First offense= BAN
2nd offense= Account Deleted

- Don't advertise products and/or services on this site unless with my
approval, any posts that violate this rule will be edited/deleted.
(Exceptions without approval includes your writing content, as well as artistic and musical services and requests.)

- Don't advertise other sites unless with my approval. Posts like these will be edited/deleted.

- Respect the members on this site. I can't stress this enough.
First offense= PM Warning
2nd offense= BAN
3rd offense= Account Deleted

- When you put up an avatar, Please make sure the dimensions are no larger than 300x300.

- Put your topics and posts in the right categories and sections they go
in. The topics/posts will be moved to the right category.

- Please keep profanity that are outside stories and poems to a minimum. We're all mature here, so use your own judgment on what amount of it is acceptable.

- If Anyone needs specifically an admin, then PM one. I will not answer
technical difficulties or suggestions to the site. Any attempt to send
me one of either will be warned and upon second attempt will be deleted.
For these questions please post them in the section it correctly fits

- Members are forbidden to reveal or appear to reveal the
location of another member in a topic without his/her approval first
through a PM or other form of communications. A post/topic like this
will be edited/deleted.
First Offense= BAN
2nd Offense=Account Deleted.

- There are no rules against double posting at the moment. Though please
respect other members of this site when you attempt to do so.
It really does get annoying. Please combine your posts in the event that you do if you can.

- Please respect and consider the members of this site if you mention
them in a post or topic. If your actions disrupts the, I should say
"peace of the forums," I shall take necessary action.

- You are only allowed to have one account at any given time. You should not
give away your password to anyone-ANYONE. This includes Admins and Mods.
In addition, you should not share an account with another person, failure
to abide by this will result in your account being deleted.

- Mods have an oath to abide by the "Rules and Regulations" and to enforce it justly.
If this oath is broken 1 time(s), than the mod loses power and is ranked to non-moderator status.

Last Updated-Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Any questions that don't fit into any of the categories should be PMed to
either an admin or a mod of this site. In the event that a post like
this is found, it will be deleted/edited.

Enjoy~ Cool

I suggest to all moderators to post a set of guideline for every
section they are moderating to stabilize it and to make it overall
easier for you and the overall community of this site to enjoy.

-Web Master NobleSy

In the body of water known as life, be like the skipping rock.
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Rules and Regulations

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